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Data-Focused Solutions to Start You on Your Modernization Journey

DOMA can help you get digital, get compliant, and get it completed on-time, on-spec, and on-budget. Simply put, digital transformation is the process of implementing new technologies to fundamentally change your business strategy for the better. Take our free, online assessment and see how your business compares:


What DOMA Can Do For You?

Digital Transformation is not a destination, but a journey. The goal of DOMA’s data management solutions is to help you deliver better value to your customers while improving the efficiency of your business model. We support digital transformation initiatives with a range of services:

High Volume Conversion: Our document scanning services can be the first step in reducing your dependence on legacy technology.

Data Extraction: Make more informed, data-based decisions through advanced data extraction and transform your unstructured data into a powerful resource for your organization.

Data Redaction: Automate the redaction process to quickly and accurately protect sensitive information within your unstructured documents. 

Business Intelligence: Find the stories hidden in your data with dynamic data visualizations and analytics that easily integrate with your other business tools and application platforms.

Cloud Managed Services: Experience the best the Cloud has to offer without the heavy lifting required to migrate or integrate services on your own. 

Document Scanning

Paper documents are OCR scanned or digital files are imported. Intelligent classification tools identify document types.

Data Extraction

Our tools automatically read the document and locate customer specified information for further data processing.

Document Redaction

Achieve compliance quickly by redacting protected information within your unstructured documents. 

Business Intelligence

Transform your newly structured data using hundreds of pre-built data visualizations and share them within your own software and portals..


Convert Data into Powerful Insights

Data is one of your most powerful tools for increasing productivity. DOMA can liberate your unstructured data and help you route it to the decision-making platforms you already use. Whether you are trying to better connect with customers, improve patient outcomes, or expedite internal operations, we can help you deploy your data where have the greatest impact on your business transformation. 

We develop and apply industry-leading digital technologies such as machine learning, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to:

  • Increase Customer Engagement & Improve User Experience
  • Automate Form Generation & Processing
  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry
  • Validate and Inform Decisions
  • Analyze Historical Data
  • Harmonize Data with Other Platforms
  • Reduce Information Silos 
  • Simplify Supply Chain Management

Our Strategy for Effective Transformations

DOMA believes that a successful digital transformation strategy consists of four key parts: processes, technology, culture, and leadership. Get clear guidance on how to move forward. The DOMA team has 20 years of experience planning and implementing solutions that improve the way you manage your most valuable resource: information. 



Innovation should be at the heart of your processes. Support your decisions with big data and take a flexible approach as your re-work your operations.



The technologies you choose to integrate should be scalable, data-backed, and ultimately enhance the customer experience, not complicate it.



Change is only possible when your people are bought in. Ongoing training, vendor management, and open lines of communication are vital.



Leadership over your transformation is essential. The scale, scope, and speed of how you adapt should be sustainable.

Scanning to Support Your Digital Transformation

Go Paperless & Enter the Digital Age

Start your digital transformation journey with a clean slate by scanning archival documents. Even if your archives are extensive or distributed across multiple locations, DOMA can centralize access with high-volume document scanning services. 

DOMA coordinates your conversion from start to finish. We ensure the secure audit, pick up, and scanning of records of any type. Additionally, all of the records we scan become instantly available in the Cloud ensuring minimal disruption during the conversion process. 

DOMA’s high volume scanning services can help your organization to:

  • Reduce legacy records – storing paper records costs a good deal of time, space, and money when compared to the cost to scan documents.
  • Save valuable real estate – space used to store old files and documents is space not used to support the mission.
  • Streamline workflow to improve productivity – by removing the paper from key processes your team will experience improved document accessibility. Pull up records instantly through our DX Software. 

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