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A Year in Review

DOMA GIVES | 2019 A Year in Review

January 07, 2020

The new year has arrived, and along with it, the perfect opportunity to reflect on 2019. For DOMA Gives this means looking back at the impact our charitable initiatives have had in the community and taking the time to plan for an even more generous 2020.

This past year has seen some big changes to our DOMA Culture team. Instead of one large committee, the team was divided into three smaller groups, each responsible for a different segment of culture. These groups include DOMA Gives who’s focus is charity and giving, DOMA Driven which handles employee recognition and growth, and DOMA Ignite who plans fun initiatives and events throughout the year. Dividing and conquering have been highly successful, allowing each team to better focus on making a targeted impact within the company.

As a result, DOMA Gives has helped DOMA reach a new giving record for the year. In addition to volunteering for projects like Roc Solid and contributing resources to programs such as Troopsters and The Angel Tree, DOMA employees contributed XXX to charitable initiatives in 2019. As a result, we’ve blown away our 2018 total of $855 by over $XXX. DOMA’s leadership has decided the company will match the employee total in addition to the other event sponsorships from 2019 resulting in a total monetary donation of XXX to local charities.

The money raised by employees through donations will go to support three different charities this year:

Total Raised:

$ 542

DOMA's Match Total:


Every dollar spent at the DOMA store from 2019 will be donated to the VB Strong, a charity fund that supports the families of victims from the 2019 Virginia Beach mass shooting that occurred earlier this year. 

In October of this year, the City of Virginia Beach opened the VB Strong Center with a grant from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. This facility was created to help with the lasting physical, mental, and emotional trauma following the horrific tragedy that left 12 people dead. This center is dedicated to serving as a resource and referral center for victims, their families, city residents, and first responders affected by the mass shooting.

DOMA’s contribution will be donated to the United Way VB Strong Tragedy fund to support impactful programs like the VB Strong Center.

Total Raised:

$ 516

DOMA's Match Total:

$ 1030

This year’s Breast Cancer Awareness raffle was a major success. This charity raffle included eight lots of pink prizes including spa sets, a top golf package, jewelry, and more. The different lots were curated by DOMA, donated by crafty company employees, or sponsored by our merchandising partner Brand Fuel.

Here for the Girls, originally founded in 2007, was created by two breast cancer survivors who experienced first-hand the lack of resources specifically designed to meet the unique needs of young women affected by breast cancer. Based locally in Williamsburg, Virginia Here for the Girls offers local and online support to young women facing breast cancer through their Beyond Boobs! and Pink Link support programs.

Total Raised:

$ 1,080

DOMA's Match Total:

$ 2,160

Every year DOMA donates proceeds from its Christmas party ticket sales to a local charity and 2019 was no exception. This year DOMA chose to donate to Veteran’s Homefront. Veteran’s HomeFront connects homeless, at-risk and transitioning veterans with organizations that have vet to vet programs for reintegration and housing placement. They provide food, toiletries, snacks and resources, and ministry to homeless Veterans every Saturday. Veteran’s Homefront also connects veterans to events and training that will help them better their lives.

Volunteer and Donation Initiatives

In addition to raising monetary donations for charity, DOMA also participated in a variety of volunteer and collection drive events this year. These included:



Advocate Sponsorship

$ 2,500

Every summer DOMA takes part in the OK5K race in support of Eggleston Services. Eggleston provides education, training, and employment for persons with disabilities. Their mission to support this often-underserved community has grown to include 33 programs and 22 locations. Eggleston was conceptualized 1955 by a group of parents looking to find meaningful activities for their adult children with intellectual disabilities. The program has since grown to include those with physical disabilities as well.

DOMA has a unique partnership with Eggleston who are also customers using DOMA’s DX software. In addition to providing financial support through events like the OK5K, DOMA also donated office furniture to support their employment and training programs.

Items Donated


In August of last year DOMA sponsored a Back to School Supply Drive to support ForKids. ForKids was established in May 1988 to provide emergency shelter to families and children experiencing homelessness. Since then ForKids has grown to become one of the largest service providers for homeless families in Virginia and now reaches 14 cities and counties in southeastern Virginia, ForKids delivers programs and resources focused on achieving stability for families and a lifetime of success for children.



Build Sponsorship

$ 5,000

Roc Solid’s mission is to build hope for every child and family fighting pediatric cancer. Roc Solid’s Play It Forward initiative builds custom playsets in the backyards of kids fighting cancer. Additionally, they provide Ready Bags which include everything a family might need for their unexpected hospital stay. This year DOMA sponsored a build for Mia a 20-month old little girl facing hepatoblastoma. A team of 17 DOMA team members and their families spent the morning building a playset for Mia and her family. Many who could not participate in the build donated toys and gifts which were presented after the build.

Beef Jerky Collected:

149 Packages

Hot Sauce Collected:

141 Bottles

Troopster collects and sends items in care packages to the brave men and women of the American military serving overseas. This year DOMA’s goal was to collect 100 individual packages of two highly requested items – beef jerky and hot sauce. We exceeded our goal in the two-week collection period resulting in a total donation of 290 items.

Children Sponsored:


The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program has been a Hampton Roads institution since 1984. Every year businesses, churches, and institutions around Hampton Roads put up Christmas trees or, in DOMA’s case, Angel Wings with tags representing children in need. This year DOMA sponsored and purchased much needed clothing for 20 children through the program from ages 4-13.


A Thanks to the DOMA Family

Veterans Day Luncheon
ROC Solid Builld
Roc Solid Build
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None of this would have been possible without the dedication and generosity of the DOMA team. Even when hours were long and deadlines were tight, our team found ways to give generously. Whether they contributed their resources or their time, 2019’s successes speak volumes of the giving nature of the DOMA family.

DOMA is continuing to make progress on their Vision 2021 goals; this means moving into the next year with a mission to give even more generously. For 2020 DOMA Gives plans to focus on providing more varied volunteer opportunities thus allowing a wider audience of employees to participate.

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