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As a certified Amazon Web Service (AWS) partner, DOMA brings the unique expertise of experience in software-based content and records management coupled with the infrastructure of the industry’s most dominant cloud provider.


DOMA has a proven history of developing and applying new technologies to digitize and transform data; streamline and automate business processes and modernize agencies within the Cloud.​


DOMA has decades’ worth of experience working with leading healthcare organizations & protecting health information. We specialize in data and content capture, medical records review, and claims development and processing.​


DOMA’s highly configurable SaaS platform (DX Engage) allows you to improve data management with automation and intelligent cloud tools, but we can also help you leverage other platforms. Including ServiceNow, AWS, and Custom Platforms.​


From initial ingestion of physical and digital source material to back-end analytics and reporting. DX Engage offers organizations a data-centric application to securely capture, manage, and store content across the enterprise, and offers collaborative tools. Our software integrates with other business-critical applications through REST API, sFTP, or standard file exports.


Our team consists of certified Cloud Practitioners, Solutions Architects, and Developers. DOMA’s internal service delivery team is confident in deploying services and solutions that align with your AWS Business Strategy.


DOMA has experienced professionals ready to help you optimize and get the most out of the ServiceNow & the Now Platform.


Choosing a SaaS solution reduces upfront costs by eliminating the need to permanently purchase software or invest in a robust on-premise IT infrastructure. DOMA’s US-based development team can deliver bespoke, cloud-native applications that meet a wide range of needs for your organization.


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