Commercial Solutions
Helping Businesses & Organizations reduce costs,
production times and streamline business processing

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Corporate Vertical Markets We Serve & Support

Digitize Your Workflow.


Real Estate, Healthcare, Transportation, Hospitality, Non-Profit, Energy, Banking, Staffing, Manufacturing, etc.

  • Highly configurable and rapidly deployed software solution powered by the AWS Cloud
  • Capability to centrally manage hard copy and digital content from a variety of sources
  • Data exchange through sFTP/FTP, API calls, EDI transactions, as well as ingest and/or export of data and documents
  • Automated workflows and triggers for document viewing, reviewing, and reporting

Managed Services Offerings

Support commercial businesses with business process services

Enterprise Data and Document Management

  • Document Conversion and Scanning
  • Centralized Processing Facility
  • Auto Classification and Indexing
  • Data and Document Workflow
  • Data Ingest and Exchange

Healthcare Information Management

  • PACS Imaging and Workflow Technicians
  • Medical Coding and Auditing
  • Occupational & Environmental Health Readiness
  • Medical Claims Review
  • Medical Documentation Assessment
  • IT Systems Support Services
  • IT Engineering Support
  • Help Desk and Training

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