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Remote Work Brings New Cybersecurity Challenges to Light

How Remote Work is Creating New Cybersecurity Challenges

October 27, 2020

Working from home has many benefits such as reduced overhead, lower commute times, and more flexible schedules for employees. However, it has also presented a variety of new challenges, chief among them cybersecurity threats. As a result, the shift to remote work has been a two-edged sword for many businesses. Cyber attacks, phishing scams, and data breaches are indeed on the rise. During the COVID-19 crisis, cyber-attacks have surged by 125% in European countries and 40% in the rest of the world. (1)

Brick and mortar businesses have more control over both the physical security of their buildings and the digital security of their networks than most homes. Secure points of entry, ID In some cases, workers whose jobs which would never have been considered for remote work have been forced to adapt. This means finding a way to maintain compliance and ensure the security of sensitive information like patient records, payment data, and proprietary business documents. One of the first steps in addressing cybersecurity risks for your remote workforce is taking stock of the vulnerabilities your team is facing.

  • Working from Personal or Shared Computers
  • Weak Home Wifi Security
  • Delayed Security Updates (if Updates are not Pushed via the Cloud)
  • Legacy software, operating systems, and/or virus protection
  • Insecure Passwords
  • Keeping Computers in the open where family or guests might access them

How Do Businesses Combat Rising Digital Security Threats?


People are simultaneously the greatest threat and the strongest protection for your data. Training employees to recognize and report suspicious communications as well as to follow secure information handling protocols will make the largest impact in protecting your business from cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals are always evolving and it makes sense your education approach needs to keep pace.

Better Security Education can Help your Team to:

– Use more secure passphrases instead of using the same password for multiple systems

– Identify phishing and social engineering scams

– Log off or lock computers when they are not in use

– Design a secure work area to prevent unauthorized access

– Keep their machines (and virus software) up to date

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs):

Virtual Private Networks can help protect against hackers by creating a secure network for remote employees. It also can help disguise IP addresses from hackers making it harder for them to access employee computers remotely.

VPNs can Address Certain Security Risks by:

– Encrypts data so a hacker cannot track what someone is doing online

– Protecting mobile devices like phones and tablets

CAC Card & ID Card Readers:

Common Access (CAC) Cards are issued by the Department of Defense and are used to grant secure access to certain government networks and buildings. They can be used to secure laptops or portals by requiring employees to insert their physical ID cards into an appropriate keyboard or laptop. CAC Cards are a controlled item only issued within the Federal sector but similar protocols can be used for commercial businesses. ID scanners can validate employee credentials via physical card readers or even mobile devices. Additionally, apps are available that integrate with registration software and secure databases meaning employees can even use their own devices to scan and verify IDs without the need for specialized hardware.

ID Scanning Apps & Devices Can Be Used to:

– Ensure secure access to highly protected networks

– Create an audit trail

– Help manage timesheets by ensuring employees were logged in for their work hours

Cloud-Based Updates and Document Management:

Transitioning to a cloud system can help things consistent across your business even when your employees aren’t in the building. Centralized repositories of information mean that your team has secure, managed access to data, and cloud-based software ensures that employees have the tools they need to get the job does.

Cloud-based Updates & Document Management can:

– Centralize content with role-based access to ensure each employee only sees the information relevant to their tasks

– Maintain the latest security measures via cloud pushed updates

– Help your team collaborate more securely than via email

– Keep data safe with remote backups of information

Cybersecurity is a moving target, but it’s worth prioritizing. Businesses are working hard to adapt as we continue to adjust to a growing remote workforce. Like so many things in business, it’s about being flexible and looking at how a combination of good sense and good tech can provide a solution. 

How can DOMA help?

DOMA can address a variety of remote work challenges with cloud-centered solutions such as our DOMA DX software platform. DOMA DX is a centralized content management platform that is designed to improve every part of the document management lifecycle. In addition to our cloud software, we offer digital mailroom solutions that keep you connected to your mail outside of the office. While many of our solutions help with remote access, our ultimate goal is to streamline your business with hyper automation and give you deeper insight into your information through business intelligence. Reach out today to find out how we can help you address some of the information security challenges you are currently facing.

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