Take a Moment to Audit Your Data Tools this Year

Are Your Data Management Tools Outdated?

December 13, 2022

It’s easy to get stuck in the loop of “if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it”. Unfortunately, this can lead to stagnation. Don’t miss out on the latest innovations in data management.  Here are a few ways to determine if your data management and application strategy needs to be re-visited:

You’re Entirely Dependent on Spreadsheets

There’s more out there than a boring spreadsheet:

Spreadsheets have their place, but it should not be your only method of aggregating or viewing your data. An intuitive dashboard can make a huge difference in getting less spreadsheet savvy team members on board with putting data first. Spreadsheets are great for small, one-use datasets but once you start trying to analyze data over a period of time, incorporate more advanced automation, or involve other software/processes, it’s probably time to upgrade to a more appropriate software tool.

Nothing is Automated

Make better use of your team with intelligently applied automation:

If gathering, organizing, and reporting are all dependent on that one employee with a head for numbers then you may be using outdated tools. Your data workflow should not be complicated by software that requires years of experience to navigate. This is one of the places where built-in automation truly shines. With the right tools, capturing and processing data won’t require much if any manual entry or processing. Even in cases where you need to digitize forms within context or capture hand written data, modern data extraction tools are more than capable. If you aren’t able to easily lift structured data easily and instead are relying on less-accurate manual entry then you’re wasting valuable man-power. Automation is not the enemy, it can be a valuable support for your team to help them tackle bigger, more complex projects with a higher rate of accuracy.

You Aren’t Engaging with Your Data Regularly

If you’re avoiding your data, chances are it’s not truly accessible:

Ideally, your latest data reports should always be available at your fingertips. If you’re not getting real-time repots or you have to manually request and wait on key feedback chances are you’re falling behind. If you don’t see the need to regularly look into your business data, chances are you’re not targeting the right information. Data is a valuable tool for every part if your business. We all know that sales and finance data is essential, but there are so many areas where data trends can make an impact. Whether it’s mixing up your strategy for recruitment or the design and development of a new line of service – data should be an essential part of the puzzle. If it isn’t, then your data management tools may be to blame. If data is too difficult to access or isn’t easy to interpret then it’s quick to be dismissed.

Your Data Isn't Moving Your Business Forward

Data-based processes are no longer optional:

If you cannot pinpoint how your data is guiding your decisions then you’re not likely using it to its fullest potential. Data backed decisions can make all the difference as you improve and grow your business. Your data tools should be offering insights, not just raw numbers. If you find yourself trying to puzzle our what your data is actually telling you, it’s time to onboard some machine learning powered tools.

Using the latest data management tools isn’t just about novelty or staying on trend. Effectively managing your data becomes more difficult every year as the volume of collected data continues to multiply. Each year you continue to use outdated tools you are missing out on opportunities to make better decisions. 

How can DOMA help with Data Tools?

DOMA Technologies is an experienced digital solutions provider for a wide range of transformative data software tools. We incorporate the latest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more to ensure our  DX Engage platform is always using the latest strategies available. Additionally, we have the industry expertise to offer bespoke solutions that fit seamlessly into the data workflows you already have established. 

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